Produce Your Own Clean Energy

Take your home Off-Grid with solar and produce clean, renewable energy on the GO.

GO Solar

Portable solar panels designed for energy on-the-go.

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HOME Solar

Solar panels built to get your home off-the-grid.

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Solar Generator Kits

Battery System, Foldable Solar Panels and Cables

Everything You Need

The best way to produce and store your own renewable energy is with a Humless solar kit. Our portable solar generator kits include foldable solar panels, a Humless power system and the connecting cables. For our larger power system we offer full sized solar panels that can be connected straight to the DC input.

Easy To Use Solar Generator Kits

Our systems are designed for ease of use. Plug in your solar panels to the Humelss system and its ready to start charging. Direct the panels toward the sun and let them do the work. When the batteries are full the system will stop charging.

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