Customer Voices : Search & Rescue / Bomb-squad

Customer Voices : Search & Rescue / Bomb-squad


“…The Humless has been very helpful. It’s very practical and that’s why, for us, it always stays in here [bomb squad trailer]. This is the exact situation that we try to prepare for. We’re out somewhere. We have a power source that goes down on us. We have to finish our mission. We’re out in the sticks. There’s no power anywhere around. And we’re able to plug in the Humless to our robot and finish the mission.”
humless bomb 2

“Here’s one of the best things we’ve done with the Humless: When we have our other events, like a parade, I take out my scan-x machine, my laptop, our x-ray source, and the Humless. I put it in the back of the ranger and I’ve got full a x-ray capabilities mobile system. We can drive around the parade routes. If we find an unattended package or a suspicious package, we have the ability to go mobile and run an x-ray, and it only takes a minute or two to develop it on scene. So what would normally take quite a while, now we can take 2-3 minutes to do it. It’s a mobile X-ray station.”
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“There was a search & rescue call where a guy had fallen off of a trail and was stuck. I brought out the Humless and LED lights on tripods. It was mobile. I couldn’t get a vehicle out there.”


“If we have a barricaded subject that has locked himself in his house, we don’t have a lot of options. We want to be as close to them as we can so we can operate our robotics. So I’ll take a small robot and put it in the van, and I take a Humless with me. We’ve literally pulled into the suspects garage with our van, deployed our robots, and I’ve had the ability to run our robots from the house.”


“Last night we were running the robots. And the robot’s out dealing with this explosive device, when all of a sudden, the generator dies. That’s happened to us a couple of times, we’ve lost our generator and we went to the Humless.”

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“ I used the Humless and got several hours of work in before our crews arrived.“

“We had a tour bus company that was out in a desert valley. There was an individual who called in a threat, even giving the license plate of the vehicle and the bus the route. So we have to take it very seriously.

We’re six hours drive time from the location, so we put a hasty team into transit. On that call, we had three bomb techs, a k-9, and the Humless. So we flew out and then at the same time, we dispatched the trailer command center and they got on the road.

We knew we were going to be several hours ahead of them. We landed and the local police department transported us out to the scene. I used the Humless and got several hours of work in before our crews arrived.”

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