Looking for a solar power system for a tiny house? Look no further our tiny house solar kit will power all your needs and more

Tiny houses are hugely popular right now, and for good reason. There’s just something special about being able to take a modern, comfortable home on the road with you just as easily as hooking up a camper to your trailer hitch.

Whether you use your tiny house for temporary excursions to the wilderness, travel around the country, or are looking for a more permanent escape from civilization, going off-grid is a fantastic way to bring the amenities of your big house along for the ride, and solar panels for tiny house usage is the key.

Let’s look at some of the cool solar-powered toys that are making tiny house living easier than ever, and how you too can take big steps to truly living off the grid.

Solar battery chargers and solar phone chargers

For those of us using our tiny homes as a camper for weekend getaways, we’ve all been in a scenario where one of our battery-powered necessities has died prematurely with no convenience store for miles.

Even weekend warriors can get huge benefits from solar energy with simple tools like a solar powered battery charger, which keeps all of your standard battery types—AA, AAA, D and C—charged and ready to go.

Solar firestarters

Some tiny houses designed specifically for camping might not have a kitchenette area, with owners instead relying on outdoor campfires for cooking (and entertainment). Unfortunately, sometimes getting your fire started in the first place can seem to eat up a huge portion of your day.

Instead of spending hours beating your head against a wall, consider investing in a handy pocket-sized solar firestarter.

Solar firestarters use parabolic mirrors to focus the sun into a blazing hot point (hitting several hundred degrees) that’s capable of igniting a fire in just a few seconds.

Solar refrigerators and solar coolers

The key difference between a solar refrigerator and a solar cooler is how long you’re able to use them. Solar coolers are a portable solution better suited to short trips that only keeps your food or drinks cold for about a day.

For long-term solutions, consider investing in a solar-powered refrigerator. Hooked up to a whole house solar generator (or better yet, a solar panel for tiny house + rechargeable battery), solar refrigerators will keep your food chilled and safe to eat indefinitely.

They’re the perfect tiny complement to your tiny kitchen.

Solar generators

Can you put solar panels on a mobile home? You bet!

Solar generators (solar panels) are the workhorse of your off-grid tiny house, powering larger devices that don’t operate from their own solar panels on houses.

However, simply connecting appliances to your solar panels is highly inefficient, and there’s no way to store excess power for a rainy day (literally).

Adding a rechargeable solar battery to your tiny home setup is the key to true off-grid energy independence, letting you live with peace of mind that the sun can take care of 100% of your energy needs.

Combining a Humless solar panel with one of our advanced rechargeable LiFe batteries ensures your tiny house a steady supply of renewable energy, day or night.

Solar lanterns and solar flashlights

While you’ve probably already thought about more permanent tiny house lighting solutions for your tiny house, having a backup in emergency situations is always ideal.

Light sources like solar flashlights and solar lanterns are the perfect way to “bottle up” sunlight during the day and save it for nighttime. Many of these solar lights also have backup power sources, letting you charge them via USB port or hand crank.

It’s the perfect way to avoid stumbling around in the dark looking for your lost house key.

Solar cooking products

Many tiny house kitchenettes make use of gas power for their ovens and ranges, but the problem with gas is that it’s finite. Eventually, it runs out and you need to replace it.

A better alternative is installing a solar powered oven, one that uses the sun’s rays to cook food to perfection using reflective aluminum panels.

A solar oven is the perfect complement to your tiny house solar panels and tiny house solar system, letting you enjoy piping hot meals while your solar setup covers the rest of your needs.

Solar energy is the key to living large in a tiny house

Installing a full solar power setup is the key to downsizing your house without downsizing your quality of life.

Rather than relying on inefficient alternatives to tiny home appliances and devices or wondering what else you’ll have to sacrifice as you move into your tiny house, solar power for homes lets you recreate life in a big house, except more efficiently.

But to power your lighting and appliances, you’re going to need a system that uses solar energy as efficiently as possible. Otherwise you could be looking at rationing power when you’d rather not.

That means storing extra power for later use, and the best way to do that is by installing a Humless rechargeable LiFe battery with a set of Humless solar panels for tiny houses.

With Humless, you’ll be able to store more energy, waste less energy, and live life to the fullest no matter how tiny your house is.

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