Need the best generator for tail gating? Go solar, ditch the loud expensive gas and party harder with Humless

With clean solar power becoming more efficient and more accessible every day, it can be dizzying to think of the incredible ways we can change the planet for the better. But for now, let’s start a little smaller. It’s time to take tailgating to the next level.

Here are just a few of the ways you could expand your solar tailgating toolkit, and make your next game day one for the ages.

Solar phone chargers

When you’re halfway through the tailgate of the century and your phone dies before you can upgrade your legendary photo album to Facebook, often you’re simply out of luck. Rather than play with fire, why not invest in a mobile solar charger for your phone?

How else is everyone back home going to know how much fun you’re having?

Solar powered generator and rechargeable batteries

While portable solar panels offer a huge degree of freedom when it comes to tailgating, your options expand tremendously with the addition of a rechargeable battery. A battery lets you store up all your unused energy during the day and keep the party going all night.

You can even pre-charge your battery and bring it along with you, sans solar panels.

Using an efficient mobile solar power system means the possibilities for your tailgate are nearly endless.

Solar cooking products

Charcoal grills are often difficult to use and necessitate hauling around bags of heavy, messy charcoal. Alternative cooking methods like solar ovens and solar grills can cook food in minutes with absolutely no fuel, using nothing but the power of the sun.

Solar cookers reflect the rays of the sun into a central point that captures heat, creating juicy burgers and sizzling hot dogs without a metric ton of charcoal for the perfect tailgate.

Solar refrigerators, solar freezers and solar coolers

Of course, you’re going to need somewhere to keep all those delicious wings, burgers, hotdogs and beer while you’re getting set up. Using a solar cooling option is great because it lets you cut down on heavy ice, leaving more room for the essentials—like another six pack.

For most tailgates, a solar cooler is a fine option. Solar coolers use their own built-in panels to keep contents chilled (or even frozen) for up to a day. The only problem is, solar coolers can be incredibly expensive.

A better option (if you’ve already got solar panels set up) is to bring along an energy-efficient mini fridge and plug it right into your battery.

And while some might call a freezer overkill at a tailgate, others might call it genius. With solar energy, the parking lot is your oyster.

Solar TVs

Yes, really. Solar TVs come in two flavors—the standalone variety that operates with its own solar cells, and the kind you plug into your existing solar setup for fun and profit.

Unless you’re swimming in disposable money, it can be tough to justify buying loads of solar products that use their own solar panel system. It’s fare more efficient (for energy and money) to utilize a rechargeable battery as your solar tailgating “hub” that feeds into all of your other gadgets and appliances.

Solar Radios

Nothing beats listening to the pre-game analysis on a radio while you sip an ice cold beer and chow down on a burger fresh off the solar grill. It’s time for your audio experience to join the solar revolution, and that’s where solar radios come in.

Most solar radios can also be hand cranked for backup power, meaning you’re free to listen well into the night.

Power up and game on with solar power

With so many games and events lasting well past sundown, often just setting up solar panels isn’t enough to keep your tailgate going after dark.

The answer, of course, is to add a rechargeable battery to the mix. Humless LiFe batteries help you hang onto even more of the energy you harness from the sun, giving you a crucial backup power source long after the sun has dipped behind the horizon. Humless LiFe batteries pair perfectly with our Solar GO panels for high-energy tailgating.

Humless batteries take care of all of your power conversion needs, meaning you won’t need specialized equipment to set up the perfect solar tailgate—just grab all of your favorite gear and get ready for tailgating just as exciting as the game itself.

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