A Humless solar backup system coupled with our portable solar panels is perfect for your RV

Thinking about joining the RV/van life, or already on the road? Looking for ways to become more energy independent and truly live off the grid?

Traveling and living out of a van or RV has come a long way since the days of “living in a van down by the river,” and no longer are you forced to give up all the comforts of home when you’re hitting that old dusty trail.

In fact, solar power has given us the ability to bring home with us, with a huge array of products aimed at blurring the line between “life on the road” and just plain “life” with super simple van and RV solar kits.

Let’s take a look at some of the cool solar powered gadgets and devices you can use enhance your experience whenever you saddle up the steed and set a course for parts unknown. Going solar is easier than you think!

Solar battery chargers and solar phone chargers

On the most basic level, one of the joys of solar energy is being able to keep the little things in life charged even when there’s no wall outlet in sight.

Just blast your solar battery charger with a little bit of sunshine, and soon your dead battery-powered gadgets will be back in business—whether they use C, D, AAA or AA batteries.

And the same goes for your cell phone, one of our highest needs right up there with food and water. With a portable solar cell charger, you can quickly refill your phone’s juice without lugging around a full backup power setup or relying on a slow vehicle adapter charger.

Solar firestarters

When you’ve stopped for the day and you want to get a fire going early, nothing takes care of business like a solar firestarter.

Using a neat parabolic mirror to focus the rays of the sun into a pinpoint of light, fire starters can easily heat tinder and wood up to several hundred degrees. Plus, you won’t have to spend hours rubbing sticks together—solar firestarters can get you going in just seconds.

Solar refrigerators and solar coolers

When you’re living or traveling in a van or solar ready RV, the last thing you want is eating canned and dried food every single day. Luckily, some very smart people invented the solar refrigerator.

With a simple solar panel/rechargeable battery setup, solar refrigerators do exactly what you think they do—keep all your perishable food and drinks at a safe, cool temperature. Look’s like milk is back on the menu!

If you don’t have room for a refrigerator or you only have temporary refrigeration needs, a solar cooler might be a better choice. Solar coolers aren’t as efficient as solar refrigerators, and can’t keep food cold indefinitely.

However, they can keep their contents cold for the better part of a full day, which is more than enough for a day “roughing it” in the woods or wherever else the road takes you.

Solar generators

For the full solar experience, you’ll want the one-two punch of an efficient RV solar panels setup combined with modern rechargeable batteries. And the great news is that sleek roof solar panel dimensions make installation a breeze.

Solar panels for RV and vans offer a massive advantage over fuel generators in that they’re totally silent and you can actually use them while you’re driving. (Just don’t use your solar panels for TV while you’re behind the wheel.)

The right solar energy system will transform the way you think about van and RV living. That means access to amenities like TV, ending your energy dependence, and the ability to power all of your devices from one central hub.

Modern, mobile monocrystalline solar panels like the Humless Solar GO series pair perfectly with advanced rechargeable batteries like the Humless GO series, which use Lithium LiFe technology to efficiently harness more energy and lose less of it.

With RV solar panel kits, you can take the best of home wherever you roam.

Solar lanterns and solar flashlights

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean we can’t use it. With solar lanterns and flashlights, you can store energy during the day and keep it handy when the sun goes down, keeping the lights on even with no batteries, fuel or electricity in sight.

Many brands also come with auxiliary power, typically in the form of a hand crank, and some can be charged with a USB port attached to a wall outlet or rechargeable battery. Some types of lanterns and flashlights can hold their charge for years at a time, meaning they’re always ready when you need light in a pinch to fix a flat or look for those lost keys.

Solar showers

No, you don’t have to bathe in the river. Solar powered showers are a thing, and they actually work! Solar showers heat up easily in the sunlight, and usually come with a temperature gauge to let you get your water just right for a hot, steamy shower.

But solar showers are pretty versatile, and you can use them for washing hands, clothes and dishes too. Many also come equipped with various pockets to hold soap, shampoo and other toiletries, and are incredibly easy to fold up and store when they’re empty.

Solar cooking products

Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice nice, hot meals. There are a ton of standalone solar-powered cooking devices out there that offer an amazing alternative to more traditional options...like a campfire.

Solar cookers utilize aluminum to reflect heat and cook food using the sun’s rays. It’s also capable of reheating food and sterilizing water, although you could use a solar kettle or thermos if your only needs are boiling water.

Whether you want to cook a chicken or just take s’mores to the next level, you certainly have a huge range of options.

Solar energy is the difference between living and living large on the road

For day trips or infrequent summer vacations, standalone solar products may be all you need to bring those creature comforts of home along for the ride.

But for the long haul, van and RV solar panel installation with rechargeable batteries is the key to thriving in life as a nomad.

With the best setup, you’ll be able to transform your van or RV into a real house on wheels, outfitted with all the necessities (and some of the not-so-necessities) to make the neighbors jealous.

With Humless’ Lithium LiFe batteries, you’ll store more energy, more efficiently, and safer. Combined with Humless Solar GO panels on the roof for the perfect van and RV solar kit, you’ll be swimming in solar power to handle whatever life throws at you.

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