No matter the disaster, an emergency portable solar power supply for your home is never a bad idea

With a little bit of effort, we could harness the power of the sun to power our collective daily needs a thousand times over. That means even if the power grids fail, the dams burst and the oil wells run dry, we’ll always have a source of clean, renewable energy.

Even if you’re not thinking on a global scale, capturing sunlight is your ticket to surviving even thriving in a brief or even long-term disaster scenario. Check out this list of awesome solar-powered items that’ll make your life during floods, storms and more a whole lot easier.

Solar battery chargers

A quality solar battery charger harnesses sunlight to create a current that’s able to charge just about any type of battery, including AA, AAA, C and D. Some can even charge your gum batteries!

Solar firestarters

Spark lighters and fire starters are cool pocket-sized devices that utilize a parabolic mirror to focus the sun’s rays into a point that can easily reach upwards of several hundred degrees.

Keep one in your survival kit or bugout bag for rapid firestarting capabilities in a pinch—this bad boy can light a fire in a few seconds.

Solar refrigerators

Yes, solar refrigerators actually exist. With just a solar panel and a rechargeable battery, the solar fridge can be a literal lifesaver for a diabetic in a disaster scenario.

Some of the smallest solar refrigerators can even run on a small 80-watt solar panel!

Solar freezers

Why stop at a solar refrigerator when you can have a solar freezer too?

Solar freezers are DC powered and perfect for locations that are simply too costly to run electric lines.

Solar powered backpack

Yes, even backpacks can benefit from solar power. In the case of solar powered backpacks, they come in handy for recharging batteries and working as your main get home bag or bugout bag.

The best solar backpacks aren’t just a solar panel slapped on a bag—they should also contain a hydration bladder and a maze of pockets to hold all of your other essential survival gear, such as communications equipment, a survival knife, food, and other supplies to get your wherever you need to go.

Solar powered generator

The solar power generator is incredibly handy and offers a huge advantage over fuel generators in that they’re completely silent and don’t emit any fumes.

Having solar power during power outage is an amazing thing, and solar generators for home use will keep you and your family safe and empowered in times of need.

Humless offers two types of advanced solar generator, the GO series and the HOME series. The GO series is sleek and foldable, perfect for setting up on the go. The HOME series will keep your house off-the-grid, prepared well ahead of time for a worst case scenario as one of the industry’s best solar generator for home.

Whether you need solar backup generators or a whole house solar generator, Humless has you covered.

Coupled with a rechargeable battery, solar panels will keep you charged and ready for whatever life throws at you. (Remember, a solar system without batteries ultimately wastes a lot of energy.)

Solar lanterns

A solar air lantern is a device meant to be used as emergency lighting that needs neither batteries nor fuel. Instead of plugging it in for power, solar lanterns run off of—you guessed it—the sun.

Solar-powered lanterns are one of your best options for keeping the lights on in the absence of electricity, batteries and fuel. The best brands also offer auxiliary power sources in the form of hand cranks. Many can also be charged with a standard USB port attached to your solar power generator for homes or rechargeable battery.

Solar showers

In harsh times, one of the biggest luxuries is a steaming, hot shower. But a solar shower isn’t just for keeping you clean and content—it can also be used to wash hands, dishes, and even clothes. Many solar showers come with extra pockets to hold toiletries and are easily transported. Even totally off the grid, you can enjoy a comforting shower with solar power.

Many solar showers offer multiple layers of insulation and a water temperature gauge, and can easily heat up in direct sunlight. Empty, the showers weigh virtually nothing and can be rolled up for super efficient storage.

Solar watches and solar clocks

No, we don’t mean you should include a sun dial in your bugout kit. Solar clocks and watches have evolved significantly, and come in hybrid varieties (that can extend battery life for years) and kinetic varieties that generate power as you move.

Many watches can also be wound by hand, keeping you on time even when sunlight is sparse.

Solar flashlights

There’s something cool about the idea of “bottling up” sunlight and saving it for nighttime, and that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do with a solar powered flashlight.

Some types of solar flashlight can be charged and left to sit for years before they start to lose their charge, which is great news for preppers the world over.

Solar communication devices

In an emergency, staying in contact with friends and family is vital. Many types of solar-powered radios also offer a backup hand crank, and can also function as a charger for your cell phone and other devices with a handy USB port.

Solar cooking products

Who wants to live off emergency rations forever? You might not be able to whip up a gourmet meal in the middle of a disaster, but with solar powered cooking devices at least you could.

There are a huge number of solar cooking products, such as solar cookers that use reflective aluminum to bake food with the sun’s rays. The same device can also sterilize water, and there’s something awe-inspiring about baking fresh food right out in the sun.

If you’re merely looking for a device to boil water, a solar kettle or solar thermos might be a better fit. They’re smaller, more portable and use a solar tube to collect heat and bring the contents of the thermos to a boil. With sunlight, solar kettles can boil water no matter how cold the weather is outside.

Solar powered generators are the secret to surviving in an emergency

For long-term survival or access to all of the amenities of home, the key is setting up a true off-grid solar power system using solar panels and rechargeable batteries.

With the right setup, you and your family will be able to enjoy many of the appliances, devices and comforts you’re used to even in the absence of conventional power sources. Humless’ advanced Lithium LiFe batteries let you store and keep more energy than ever before, meaning less energy rationing and fewer growing pains in a disaster scenario.

But the first step to full preparedness is having the ability to go 100% off the grid, and without the right tools...that just isn’t possible.

HOME Power series

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