With humless portable solar panels & battery backup for camping a whole new world of camping possibilities opens up

Whether you own a cabin for recreational use or as a long-term plan for emergency situations, packing up and heading out into the wilderness no longer means roughing it in the same way it did years ago.

Even if you’re totally disconnected from the power grid, there are a huge number of efficient, cheap alternatives to household essentials we can use hundreds of miles from civilization.

And no, we’re not talking about emergency rations, dry showers, or communicating with smoke signals. With sun and solar power kits for cabin use, you can live a life of relative luxury in your cabin that just wasn’t possible decades ago. Here’s how.

Solar battery chargers

Even if you’re trying to go 100% solar and off-grid, there still might be a handful of items you need that require batteries. But don’t worry, you won’t have to stock your cabin with crates of AA batteries.

Using a solar battery charger, you’ll be able to refill your AA, AAA, D and C batteries in no time using nothing but the sun’s rays.

If you want to take it a step further and keep your phone charged (just in case), many companies also offer handy solar cell phone chargers that are both extremely efficient and portable.

Solar firestarters

There’s nothing like sitting fireside, enjoying a beer or just watching the flames dance off the backdrop of your cabin site. But getting to that point can be frustrating if you don’t have the materials or the patience to get your fire started manually.

That’s where portable firestarters come in handy. These pocket-sized tools use parabolic mirrors to laser-focus the sun’s rays into a blazing hot point that can start fires in mere seconds. Use a solar firestarter once and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

Solar refrigerators and solar coolers

Solar coolers are perfect for weekend getaways or day trips when you need a little off-grid refrigeration but don’t feel like carrying around 50 pounds of ice. While solar coolers don’t work indefinitely, they will keep your food safely chilled for nearly an entire day.

For extended trips or country living, you’re better off with a solar-powered refrigerator. Solar fridges are a massive upgrade over coolers, and they work just like your fridge back home. Some can run off an 80-watt solar panel too—talk about efficient.

If you’re a hunter or fisherman and you’ll be stocking up on game and fish, you might want to consider a solar freezer as well.

Solar powered generator

Looking for solar power for off grid cabin setup?

The most efficient way to outfit your cabin with true off-grid freedom is with a powerful solar generator setup. Solar panels have a huge benefit over fuel generators because they’re completely silent and they don’t produce any fumes—the perfect complement to your serene cabin life.

Solar generators—when coupled with a rechargeable battery for storing excess energy—are capable of supplying your entire cabin with enough power to recreate your home life no matter how far you are from civilization.

One of the best solar setups for cabins on the market today are Humless solar panels combined with a highly efficient Lithium LiFe battery, letting you store and keep more power than you ever thought possible, whatever you need it for.

Solar lanterns and solar flashlights

When the sun goes down and you want to conserve energy from your rechargeable batteries, there’s no better light source than a solar lantern or flashlight.

Solar light sources can be charged during the day and can often hold their stored power for months or years, meaning you’ll always be prepared for nightfall.

Plus, lots of solar light sources come with alternative power sources, like hand cranks or USB ports, meaning you’ll never need to fumble around in the dark again.

Solar showers

No running water? No problem. With solar energy, now we have an alternative solution to bathing in a mountain spring.

Solar showers heat up in direct sunlight, and usually come with a useful temperature gauge to let you know when your shower is piping hot and ready to use. Of course, solar showers aren’t just for showers—you can also use them to wash your hands, dishes or even clothes in a pinch.

Most solar showers are incredibly portable and can be folded up and tucked out of sight when not in use. Because they can fit almost anywhere, there’s really no reason not to have one.

Solar watches and solar clocks

For many, time doesn’t matter quite as much when you’re off in the wilderness and away from hectic urban life. But for those who want to keep track of time between sunrise and sunset, we have solar clocks.

Solar watches and clocks do exactly what you think they do, and can be charged quickly in sunlight. Most have an alternative way to power them up, like hand cranks or USB charging ports, too.

Solar clocks are great if your cabin has a “no phones” rule and you still need to keep track of time.

Solar cooking products

Sure, cooking over a fire pit is satisfying and fun. But an open flame isn’t really the most consistent way to cook food, and we’ve all been in that situation before where we were absolutely starving but couldn’t get a fire going.

Instead of eating cold hot dogs straight out of the pack, consider investing in a solar oven. Solar ovens reflect the sun’s rays off its aluminum sides to cook your food to perfection, whether you’ve hunted it yourself or brought it along from home.

Solar ovens can also boil water, but if water sterilization is your goal you might be more interested in a solar kettle or solar thermos. These tools can quickly bring water to a boil, turning uncertain water sources into potable drinking water in a snap.

Solar powered generators make cabin living easier than ever

If you’d rather not buy dozens of highly specialized solar gadgets for your cabin, a better alternative is an energy-efficient solar power system for cabin use. With roof panels and a rechargeable battery, you’ll be able to provide your cabin with enough power for all the bare necessities, and then some.

Setting up a solar kit for cabin offers greater peace of mind, whether you’re taking an extended hunting trip or spending the summer totally off-grid and disconnected from the world. A Humless solar power for cabin kit is the secret to making cabin living more enjoyable than ever.

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