The complete solar power system for cabins you’ve always wanted

With clean, energy-efficient, portable solar power, it’s time to rethink what it means to go camping.

Solar energy has exploded over the past few years, meaning tons of new solar tools and gadgets now exist to make “roughing it” a little less rough.

Let’s take a look at some of those tools, and see just how incredible solar power is for making life in the great outdoors just a little more fun and convenient.

Solar battery chargers

There’s nothing worse than running out of batteries in your flashlight or radio when you’re in a jam, but now you won’t have to worry about that little problem ever again. With a splash of sunlight, you’ll be able to recharge your AAA, AA, C and D batteries to full capacity using a solar battery charger.

And even if you’ve sworn off using your phone until you return to civilization, a cell phone can be an extremely important link back home in an emergency. Packing a solar cell phone charger is a simple, no-hassle way to keep you charged up in a worst-case scenario.

Solar firestarters

Sure, you could rub two sticks together until your hands are numb. But if you need a fire going now and not yesterday, there’s no easier way than a solar firestarter.

Solar firestarters and spark lighters are neat little tools that fit in your pocket. They’re built with parabolic mirrors that focus the rays of the sun into a hot focal point that reaches several hundred degrees.

Wood and tinder are no match for a solar firestarter. Once you’ve used one, you’ll wonder how you could ever camp without one.

Solar refrigerators and solar coolers

Overkill? Maybe. But for those planning an extended getaway in a cabin, or people planning on hunting or catching their own food, solar refrigerators are an attractable option to keep perishables cold and safe for eating.

Shorter trips might not require a full fridge, but tons of campers are now using solar coolers to extend the life of their perishables in the absence of heavy ice and electrical outlets. Solar coolers can keep food chilled for most of the day, and are perfect for short excursions into the wilderness.

Solar powered fans for camping

A solar power fan for camping is a great way to stay on the hottest summer day without resorting to sticking your head in the cooler.

With your solar camping fan, now you won’t have to cancel your camping excursion just because a heat wave is on the way.

Solar powered backpack

Who needs power outlets when you have a solar powered backpack? These backpacks are perfect for camping and hiking, coming with a ton of pockets for all your gear and gadgets. What sets them apart from normal backpacks is the fact that these babies can recharge your batteries and devices while you walk.

Many solar backpacks also come equipped with a hydration bladder, extending your trips into the wilderness far longer than you’d be able to otherwise.

Solar powered small camp generators

When you want to bring all the comforts of home with you into the woods, up the mountain or to the lake, it’s time to bring out the big guns.

Solar generators are the best, most efficient way to power all of the appliances and devices you need to live like a king, no matter where you are.

A portable solar panel for camping trumps noisy fuel generators by a country mile, and they don’t emit any disgusting fumes to pollute your serene surroundings.

The best solar setup for camping is easily Humless’ Solar GO solar panels for camping combined with one of our mobile GO rechargeable batteries. It’s the one-two punch that’ll keep all of your essentials running while the sun’s out, while storing precious power to use well after sunset.

Solar lights for campers

A solar light for camping stores energy from the sun during the day, and make the perfect outdoor light source or emergency lighting while camping. It’s also the perfect addition to your go-to campers kit.

Sometimes life happens—your fire goes out, you lose your only pair of batteries, etc. With solar lighting for camping, you’re often able to store energy for years and know that, in a pinch, you’ll be able to throw some light on the situation.

Most kinds of solar power camping light also come with backup charging mechanisms, like hand cranks and USB ports.

Solar showers

Living in the wild doesn’t mean you have to smell like it. With modern, portable solar showers, there’s really no excuse not to freshen up while you’re camping—even if you’re miles from home.

Solar showers heat up in sunlight and come with a nifty temperature gauge so you can ensure your shower hits the perfect temperature. They can also be used for handwashing, cleaning dishes, and even washing clothes, too.

Most also come fitted with extra pockets to store your toiletries. Plus, solar showers can be easily folded and transported when not in use because many models weigh less than a pound or two when empty. Tuck one in your solar backpack and you’re all set.

Solar watches and solar clocks

In the great wide open, it’s easy to tell the time...well, sunrise, noon and sunset, anyway. For everything else, we have solar clocks.

If you’d rather be more precise than looking at the position of the sun, give your solar watch or clock a quick charge outside and you’re good to go. Many varieties have some sort of backup power source, such as USB ports or hand cranks, so you’ll always be on time for your regularly scheduled hammock nap.

Solar cooking products

Cooking over an open flame is fun and satisfying, but it’s not the most consistent cooking method in the world. Enter the solar oven, which uses the power of the sun to focus and reflect rays off its aluminum panels to cook or reheat food.

While solar ovens can also boil and sterilize water, you might be better served by a solar thermos or kettle. These devices are much smaller and do exactly what you think they do, heating up water until they’re potable. And yes, they can boil water no matter how cold it is outside.

Solar powered generators are the complete package for all your camping needs

Tired of not having access to electricity when your camping off the grid? Keep your laptop, cameras, radios, speakers and more powered and ready to go all weekend long with a solar powered generator.

Combined with a high-tech rechargeable battery, portable camping solar panels can keep you powered up indefinitely as you bring a little civilization with you to the wild.

Using a solar setup while camping offers the perfect combination of convenience and excitement. Off the grid camping doesn’t mean you have to make unwanted sacrifices, and now with solar power you won’t ever have to again.

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