Humless Solar Home

True off-grid freedom, brought to you by Humless home solar panels kits built to last.

Sleek Design

These aren’t your dad’s solar panels. Humless Solar HOME panels aren’t just built to work—they’re built to look great, too. Gone are the days of ruining the aesthetics of your home with a sea of ugly solar panels. Solar HOME panels are trimmed down to reduce weight and size without compromising efficiency. It’s just better solar.

Advanced Solar Cells

Outfitted with top-quality German-made solar cells, Humless Solar HOME panels are pushing the boundaries of solar energy. The Solar HOME’s polycrystalline cells are built from high-grade silicone for maximum energy harnessing capabilities, and they’re engineered to last way longer than the other guys. Solar HOME panels are the secret to achieving true off-grid living.

Seamless Integration

The Solar HOME series is meant to go hand-in-hand with the Humless HOME series of energy storage units for the ultimate in off-the-grid independence, no matter the size of your home. Setting up your Humless home system couldn’t be easier, and offers energy independence without the headache, hassle, or constant worry of other solar power systems.

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Humless Solar Home

True off-grid freedom, brought to you by the best solar panels on planet earth.

Humless Solar Home



Cell Type





250 Watt



64.5 x 39 x 1.5 Inches


10/12 Year Product Warranty

To get the most out of your Off-Grid Series storage, pair it with our solar panels! Each solar panel products 250 watt or energy per hour (under perfect sunlight conditions). These 60 cell, polycrystalline panels are the perfect durable panel to produce clean power for your Humless power system.


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