We’re All In This Together

A message from the CEO and Founder of Humless during these difficult times.

St. Louis, USA, March 16, 2020
NABCEP Conference

San Francisco, USA, January 15, 2020

Salt Lake City, USA, November 21, 2019

Salt Lake City, USA, September 17, 2019

Off-grid Resort Case Study

Mantis resorts has requested the services of Humless to provide power systems for two of their off-grid…

Earth Day 2020!

Today is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Even though we are apart, let us stand together…

From Gold Rush to Microgrid Push in Nevada County, California

Another of the microgrid-related companies hearing from customers is Utah-based Humless, which…

EGEB: Each of these Oregon homes will feature solar off-grid microgrids

The 140,000-acre Silvies Valley Ranch, formerly a dude ranch outside of Burns, Oregon, is an eco-friendly….

Rural Neighborhood Chooses Off-Grid Microgrids Instead of Paying the Utility

For the Silvies Valley Ranch outside of Burns, Oregon, off-grid microgrids for each of 600 homes

All the single-vendor systems and strategic partnerships from the last few months

Another storage system that is based on a recent strategic partnership is that of ABB and Humless, also announced at SPI…

Lessons From Puerto Rico to California: Off-Grid Living Options

In the past couple of years, Lobdell has worked in the U.S. including territories of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, setting up…

Integrating Solar Microgrids Reduces the impacts of power failures - Lloyd Wilford

When the power goes out, all current source or pure grid-tie solar systems fail for lack of an energy storage system. Therefore…

How Rocky Mountain Power is working to avoid mass outages like California

The massive planned power outages plunging millions of California residents into darkness are a wildfire…

4 guiding principles that serve as a foundation for leadership success - Glenn Jakins

Early in my business career, I worked as a team leader on a high-level project. I had what I thought were great ideas, and…

Utah company hopes to jump-start solar power storage for homes

Glenn Jakins enjoys camping but discovered he can’t stand the sound of diesel-powered generators when he stayed in a….

Solar-Fits Bill and Gloria interview Glenn Jakins on his new energy storage system

Glenn shares the fascinating story of how the idea of this product originated, and how it was brought to market.

ABB Unveils First Energy Storage System With Universal Energy Management for Solar

ABB Unveils First Energy Storage System With Universal Energy Management for Solar. ABB today introduces its collaboration…

Simultaneous AC- and DC-coupling of a solar PV system
- Lloyd Wilford

Traditionally, DC-coupled systems were used mainly in small domestic and off-grid applications. Systems using a charger…


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