HOME Power series

Complete in home solar generator & battery systems for true Off-Grid energy storage, powered by LithiumLiFe

HOME mini

1.5 kWhs of backup power you can count on.

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HOME standard

4.8 kWhs of power when you need it.

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HOME plus

12 kWhs to run your entire home for days on end.

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Introducing LithiumLiFe

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFe) = the next generation of lithium batteries.

4x longer life cycle

The Humless HOME Series is powered by advanced Lithium LiFe batteries, designed to hit 2500+ charge cycles. That translates to daily continuous charge/discharge of 8-10 years! That’s also 4x as many charges as our competitors’ Lead Acid and Lithium Ion batteries (300 and 700 cycles), and costs far less per charge cycle than the other guys.

⅓ the mass & weight

One of the biggest issues with Lead Acid and Lithium Ion batteries is their size. Humless packs a big punch in a fraction of the size. HOME series batteries cut down on the bulk with lightweight LiFe technology, coming in at a third of the size of competitors. That means our HOME series is incredibly easy to install, saving you time up front and tons of space for the lifetime of your battery.


Sadly, both Lithium Ion and Lead Acid batteries can pose a serious risk to you and your family, with the former capable of igniting and causing fires, and the latter able to release poisonous gases without warning. The LiFe batteries in your new HOME unit are much safer, giving you and your family peace of mind that just isn’t possible with other types of batteries.

Holds Charge While Neglected

Neglecting your Lithium Ion or Lead Acid battery is a recipe for disappointment, with both batteries slowly losing their charge over time without regular use and routine maintenance. If you’d rather keep the energy you’ve already stored, choose Humless HOME—our LiFe batteries don’t need constant coddling to keep your energy safe and sound, exactly where you left it.

No Charge Memory

Other types of batteries are susceptible to “charge memory” when they aren’t fully discharged during each charge cycle. That means with each recharge, the battery won’t return to a full charge, decreasing the life of your investment substantially. Our LiFe batteries might as well have amnesia, because they always return to a full charge, whether you’ve used 10% or 100% of the last charge.

Advanced Battery Management

The HOME series boasts an advanced battery management system that makes monitoring your unit in real time super easy and completely painless. Take a peek behind the scene at the workhorse powering your HOME unit, and get constant feedback on usage metrics like available power, charge status, system health, and more. Advanced batteries don’t have to be complicated to use and understand, right?

Off-Grid Freedom

Home Battery Systems for True Off-Grid Freedom

Battery Storage Made Easy

Off-Grid energy storage has been complicated until now. We designed the Off-Grid Series with simplicity in mind. Every unit has a built-in inverter, charge controller and battery management system. With everything packaged together, set up is as easy as connecting DC and/or AC power to your Humless Off-Grid power system. A qualified electrician is recommended.

The Key To Reliability

We know how important it is to have dependable power when you’re away from the grid. Our systems are built with time-tested lithium technology that has been used in electric busses and vehicles since the 1970’s. We design and build our circuit boards in house to ensure the quality of our components. Everything is packaged in a durable metal shell to make sure your Humless has a long life.

Home And Family Battery Storage

Whether you’re taking your house off-grid or preparing your family for a power outage, Humless has you covered. Our Off-Grid Series products are sized for residential use. The systems are easily integrated into your existing solar panels, your fuel generator or straight to the grid.

Designed For Extended Off-Grid Use

Home battery systems should be there when you need them most. Your Off-Grid Series is ready to work both on and off grid. In the event of an extended power outage our 3 year warranty, with an 8 year available, stands by our products. Your warranty will not be voided by going off-grid for long periods of time.

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