GO Power series

Portable power storage with LithiumLiFe

GO mini

.64 kWh of backup power you can count on.

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GO plus

1.3 kWh of power where ever you need it.

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Introducing LithiumLiFe

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFe) = the next generation of lithium batteries.

4x longer life cycle

Our Lithium LiFe batteries average more than 2500 full cycles, or 10+ years of daily charging and discharging! When compared with Lead Acid batteries or Lithium Ion batteries (with 300 and 700 cycles, respectively), Humless Lithium LiFe costs much less money per cycle and average 4x more charge cycles.

⅓ the mass & weight

Lead and Lithium Ion batteries are much heavier and bulkier than our Lithium LiFe batteries—nearly 300% bigger, actually. That translates to saving space and having a much easier time installing our Home Series units. For the Go Series, that also means your Humless power source won’t weigh you down or take up limited space in your bag, van, RV or tiny home.


Ever seen one of those safety recalls for phone batteries spontaneously combusting? Yes, those are Lithium Ion batteries, which are a major fire threat. Even Lead Acid batteries are prone to releasing harmful gases that could endanger you or your family. Humless LiFe batteries are totally different, and much safer for you and your loved ones—whether you’re at home or on the road.

Holds Charge While Neglected

The batteries of many of our competitors—Lead Acid and Lithium Ion—gradually lose their charge as time passes, with both types of batteries needing routine maintenance to hang on to the energy you already stored. We don’t think that’s good enough, which is why Lithium LiFe batteries can go for much longer periods without losing their charge. Waste not, want not.

No Charge Memory

Many batteries experience the “memory effect,” which occurs when batteries aren’t fully discharged between each charge cycle. The batteries then get used to that shortened cycle, and see a significant drop in their total capacity over time. Humless LiFe batteries are immune to the memory effect. No matter how full your batteries are when you start charging, they’ll fill back up to FULL capacity.

Advanced Battery Management

The days of inaccurate or nonexistent solar management are over. Our advanced battery management system lets you monitor your entire Humless setup in real time, keeping close tabs on the status of your available power, charge rate, and any issues with your solar panels or battery. It’s the brains running your whole operation, and it makes solar power easier than ever before.

Power On-the-Go

Take your power wherever you need it with Humless.

Charge, Store, Move, Use

The Humless portable products make it easy to bring power anywhere you need it. These energy storage systems are designed to be lightweight, durable and easy to carry. Wherever you need power, your Humless is there. Power your outdoor patio, keep the campsite lit, power a refrigerator for that long road trip you’ve always wanted to take. The possibilities are endless.

Built To Last

Durability and reliability are our top priority when designing our power systems. We build the Humless product line with a durable metal shell that protects the inner components. We also design and build our own circuit boards, battery management systems and inverters. This is how we can guarantee quality parts at a fair price.

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